Secure your online life

Stay private online.

Leave nothing behind

When using NatureVPN, your data is private to both your ISP and the website you are visiting. You can effectively "spoof" your location to anyone online. 

Fast, reliable servers around the globe

At NatureVPN, we strive to be as reliable as possible in server speed, and dropped connections. 

No logs

Privacy is a fundemental human right. We don't collect any logs- we don't even know your email address or username. 

Reliable Servers

Our servers are as reliable as they can get! We have 99.9% SLA, and fast speeds. We strive to bring you the best product avalible for the best price. 

Most Secure Commercial VPN Ever!

We believe we are the most secure commercial VPN on the market with your data. How is this possible? Simple, we have NO access to ANY of your data. Not even your username, email, password, none of it! If you would like to learn more, click here.

No Logs

Here at NatureVPN, we believe in having absolutely no logs. Privacy is a fundamental human right. We don't even know your email address. We don't keep any kernel logging, error logging, http logs, ANYTHING. We keep ZERO.

Giving back to Nature

NatureVPN seperates from the competition when it comes to price, security and giving back to nature. 10% of revenue goes directly to nature. Step into the best No-BS VPN on the market.

How does NatureVPN compare?

The choice is clear.
$1195 per month
  • 6 concurrent connections
  • Constant "deal" on website
  • Not very reliable and servers overused; slow
  • Expensive
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$695 per month
  • 10 concurrent connections
  • No logs; transparent and clear privacy policy
  • Very reliable and lighting-fast speeds
  • Savings start at the monthly price
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$1295 per month
  • 5 concurrent connections
  • Unclear privacy policy
  • Lots of people on the server; good speeds
  • Almost double the price
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